Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to box office and show tickets click here.

When and where is the Fair?

The 169th Fair runs August 31 thru September 6, 2021. The Fair is located between 17th and 21st streets and Liberty and Chew streets in Allentown. Click Here to get directions to the Fair.

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What are the hours of the Fair?

August 31, 2021 - 4 p.m. - 11 p.m.
September 1, 2021 thru 5, 2021 - Noon - 11 p.m.
September 6, 2021 - Noon - 10 p.m.

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How much does it cost to get into the Fair?

Regular admission $8.00.

Kids 12 & under ALWAYS FREE.

Senior Citizens (65+ with ID) $4.00 after 2 PM on Wednesday, September 2.


PREVIEW NIGHT Tuesday, August 31 – Admission $4.00.

WEEKDAYS UNDER THE WIRE Everyone gets in FREE from Noon – 2 PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Sept. 1, 2 and 3.


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What does admission into the Fair include?

All entertainment is included with Fair admission EXCEPT rides and games on the Powers Great American Midway and shows in the Grandstand.

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Is there parking available on site?

Parking is available on site through Tunnel Gate 7 off of Liberty Street. Cost is $10 per vehicle during the Allentown Fair. Prepaid premium parking is available in advance for $30. 

Please see *IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding access to Tunnel Gate 7 below under “Address for my GPS.”  

Off-site parking is available in lots surrounding the Fairgrounds. These lots are run by individual businesses and are not associated with the Fair.

What address should I use for my GPS?

1703 Liberty St. Allentown PA 18104 takes you to the northeast corner of the Allentown Fairgrounds at the intersection of 17th and Liberty Streets for easy access to Tunnel Gate 7 on site parking.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Liberty Street runs ONE-WAY west from 4-8 p.m. during Fair operating hours. If travelling 19th Street south on your approach to the Fairgrounds, TURN LEFT onto Allen Street and proceed two blocks east to 17th Street. TURN RIGHT onto 17th Street and proceed one block to Liberty Street. TURN RIGHT onto Liberty Street and proceed one-and-a-half blocks to Tunnel Gate 7 on the left.

Visit our Directions page.

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Is there bus service?

For schedules call the individual Bus Companies:

  • Lanta – 610-776-7433
  • Transbridge – 610-868-6001
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Are pets allowed on the grounds?

The only animals allowed on grounds are those that align with the ADA's service animal classification for animals specifically trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are therefore not allowed on grounds during the Fair.

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Who is performing at the The Great Allentown Fair?

Click here for an up to date list of performers.

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Are there ATMs on the grounds?

Yes the Fair has many ATMs located throughout the grounds. Please go to the InFAIRmation booths located on the east and west ends of the grounds for directions to the closest ATM if you have any difficulty locating one.

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Where do I find medical attention at the Fair?

There are first aid stations located inside the fairgrounds near Gate 2 (Chew Street) and Gate 6 (Liberty Street).

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Is tailgating allowed on the grounds?

Tailgating is not allowed.

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Where would I find general information during the fair?

There are two InFAIRmation booths located on the fairgrounds – one is on the east end of the grounds and the other is on the west side of the grounds. Click here for a map that shows locations of the InFAIRmation booths.

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Where do I go to locate lost people or items?

The Lost & Found is located near Gate 2 on the fairgrounds. Click here for a map that shows the location of the Lost & Found.

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Are there opportunities for temporary employment at The Great Allentown Fair?

The Fair hires temporary help for several positions including ticket cashiers, ticket takers, display attendants as well as agricultural and livestock positions. The Fair does not hire workers for the carnival or the concession stands. The Fair’s employment office is located in a trailer on the fairgrounds at Gate 2 at Chew and St. Cloud Streets. The office opens one week prior to the first day of the Fair. Applicants must be 18 or older and must have two forms of valid identification preferably a government issued photo ID and a social security card.